Pet food and FSMA - 3 Testing considerations to positively impact your pet food operations

Posted by Mandi Kim, Food Safety Specialist on Sep 17, 2015 9:41:00 AM

The new FSMA rules for pet food have some operations and quality personnel rethinking their food safety program, including their preventive controls measures and pathogen testing methods. While some pet food manufacturers may not have to make extensive changes in order to comply with FSMA, all companies can benefit from a look at their food testing program to see if it is fitting their current needs. There are several unique challenges associated with pathogen testing of pet food, and these challenges can negatively impact companies through extended product hold times, costs associated with false results, and other negative effects on operations. After speaking with several pet food companies, we’ve found three key considerations when evaluating pathogen testing methods, regardless of whether they test in-house or send out to a 3rd party lab. Here’s what those factors are and why.

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