IAFP 2015 Portland Recap - Put a Bird on It

Posted by Jim Dolan on Aug 4, 2015 4:37:02 PM

First, we would like to congratulate the entire IAFP 2015 team on hosting yet another fantastic meeting. Every year IAFP continues to deliver outstanding content in both sessions and posters, as well as providing a showcase for the most recent innovations in our industry. 

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Come visit Roka Bioscience at IAFP 2015

Posted by Jim Dolan on Jul 17, 2015 9:22:00 AM

We're excited about the upcoming IAFP annual meeting in Portland. Not only does Roka have a number of exciting events and programs scheduled at IAFP, but we can't wait to check out Portland and the surrounding area.  

IAFP is a great opportunity to connect with people committed to food safety. Once again there's a tremendous amount of presentations and workshops to choose from. 

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Falcons, Surrogates, and More at the Produce Research Symposium

Posted by Stacey Garcia, Ph.D. on Jul 7, 2015 10:00:19 AM

Last month, manufacturers, researchers, and government representatives gathered in Atlanta, Georgia for the annual Produce Research Symposium held by UC Davis’s Center for Produce Safety. The symposium was informative and action-packed, addressing a broad variety of topics that are critical to produce safety.

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Food Safety Summit Perspective

Posted by Kevin Perkins on May 12, 2015 12:45:10 PM

I had a chance to attend my first Food Safety Summit a few weeks ago. If you don’t know, this conference brings together suppliers, processors, and various vendors  from across this world to get together for a few days to learn, harmonize and hopefully share their challenges, successes and share new ideas to keep our food safe.  

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Western New York IFT Food Industry Expo Wrap Up

Posted by Chanelle Adams, Ph.D. on Apr 17, 2015 10:43:00 AM

On March 24, Roka exhibited at the Western New York IFT Food Industry Expo in Rochester, NY. During our time at the expo, I was afforded the opportunity to participate as a guest speaker discussing difficult food  matrices and the validation and verification process. 

Alongside me were two other presenters, one of whom introduced the concept of consumer concerns regarding “clean labels,” and how there is a fear of food labels currently being “dirty.” 

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International Spinach Conference and Southwest Agricultural Summit

Posted by Chad Fleischer on Mar 19, 2015 10:51:42 AM

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the International Spinach Conference and Southwest Agricultural Summit in Yuma, Arizona. While there, I learned a lot about the area’s production of spinach and discussed some of agricultural production’s biggest challenges. Yuma is in the top 0.1% of agricultural producers in the nation, with 1.43 million production acres of land in the Southwestern area, so it comes as no surprise that the area should host the Agricultural Summit and Spinach conference!

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Beef Industry Safety Summit

Posted by Stacey Garcia, Ph.D. on Mar 9, 2015 9:49:38 AM

This week, Roka attended the Beef Industry Safety Summit in Dallas, TX.  The summit is a joint effort of BIFSCo and the Beef Checkoff. The summit was well-attended despite the less-than-ideal travel situation (ice and snow throughout the US, including in Dallas!). There were lots of interesting topics, including regulatory updates, a GFSI overview, and breakout sessions to brainstorm how the industry can continue to improve their food safety systems.

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50s and Fun at Southern Exposure, the premier produce industry event

Posted by Stacey Garcia, Ph.D. on Mar 3, 2015 12:06:09 PM

This past week, Roka had a great time at the Southeast Produce Council’s annual Southern Exposure located in beautiful Orlando, Florida. The 50s-themed event was certainly very fun and offered lots of networking opportunities for growers and retailers alike. One of the highlights of the show included the fantastic Opening Gala complete with fair games and vintage cars.

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Salmonella Limits Testing in Poultry

Posted by Lisa Leier-McHugh on Feb 12, 2015 11:10:00 AM

I recently attended the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE). With more than 1,000 exhibitors, hundreds of talks, meetings and posters, there was a tremendous amount of information to process. As with any large gathering associated with any industry, buzz words and catchy phrases were tossed around. Sometimes these words, products or practices catch on and become reality, other times they have a relatively short life and an industry moves on. At IPPE, a very popular buzz word was “Limits Testing.” Okay, that is technically a couple of words, so let’s take it step further by adding Salmonella to the mix to produce a buzz phrase, “Salmonella Limits Testing.” Now we have not only a very hot topic of discussion, but a very real approach to monitoring Salmonella levels in fresh poultry products.

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IPPE 2015 from the eyes of a first timer

Posted by Pete Martin on Feb 6, 2015 2:19:00 PM

Last week gave me an opportunity to attend the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia. This giant tradeshow focuses on the poultry industry and includes all aspects of the farm to fork approach of food processing and operations. Someone described it as "they've got everything you need to grow the chickens over there and everything to process and package them over here." It was actually really fun to experience all of the innovation for the industry. It almost felt overwhelming to see all these neat gadgets, but fortunately I was on the vendor side of the booth where I got to focus on my product. In a room full of new and exciting technologies, it's good to feel like the expert on a specific one!

Our instrument is designed for pathogen detection so I was there as a food safety representative. Attendees came to the show for all kinds of solutions; not necessarily food safety. I was still amazed by the variety of visitors that came to our booth. I had a chance to talk to students still in college or recent graduates that showed an interest in our technology and even inquiring about careers in food safety. I talked to representatives of contract labs that had customers requesting our instrument be used when testing their samples. I even had a chance to discuss our technology with foreign distributors that were very excited about taking that information back to their country's reference lab.

Let's not forget the swag! Isn't that the real reason to attend the tradeshows? We gave away several USB car chargers and chicken key chains. The box company next to us was handing out tiny elephants. I walked around and saw a booth that had an indoor driving range set up to win a prize and another booth that had a Mardi Gras theme complete with beads. People walked out with bags filled with all kinds of goodies. I'm sure there were all sorts of sweet trinkets to be found by just exploring a bit more.

All in all it was a fantastic experience! It's a lot of fun to attend these shows armed with a great product that I am passionate about. I'm looking forward to upcoming tradeshows; to have another chance to chat with others interested in our technology. I hope to see you there!

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