Our Top 6 Hottest Blog Posts from 2016

Posted by Phillip Berry on Jan 4, 2017 10:27:00 AM

While we are excited to continue to deliver topical & insightful content in 2017, we felt one last nostalgic look back at Auld Lang Syne's 2016 hottest blog posts would be fun. It's one of the places we celebrate new advancements and technology in food safety year round. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed writing them! Here are our top 6 most popular for 2016. 


Are You Still Proving the Negative with Your Environmental Listeria Program?

In light of recent events, food processors are starting to change how they view their environmental monitoring programs. Listeria recalls and outbreaks are occurring too often and now affecting a broader range of food products such as pet treats and caramel apples, which have not been linked with Listeria contamination in the past. Continue Reading

500g_Listeria-Ecoli-salmonella.jpg Staying Ahead of the FDA in Pathogen Detection

A Food Safety Plan and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) are safe food advancements that are either required or recommended by the U.S. FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) with the ideal goal of eliminating outbreaks and food recalls. Continue Reading


Chicken_Crossing_the_Road 151.jpg Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road... Because Walmart Led the Way

Every year at the International Association of Food Protection there are fabulous presentations and this year in St. Louis was no exception. One in particular was by Frank Yiannis, Vice President of Food Safety for Walmart, in which he discussed the great leaps and bounds his company has been making in effort to reduce the levels of Salmonella in chicken parts sold at their stores. Continue Reading

Discovering New Applications for Poultry Limits Testing, Roka has worked on several applications using the Limits based approach in situations from live production environments to pre and post chill rinsates, as well as parts, trim and ground fresh products. Each situation and matrix reveal new information to a company which is valuable and useful for their particular situation. Continue Reading

bacteria_contaminated_food_skypixel.jpg The Creative Spark of Food Safety


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