Time: One factor to consider when choosing a pathogen detection method

Posted by Pete Martin on Aug 20, 2015 1:34:16 PM


When choosing a pathogen testing method, many factors need to be considered. Some common considerations include turnaround time, cost, accreditation and customer support. The importance of these factors may vary based on the company and products they are testing. Let’s take a look at Turnaround Time.

A company may decide that the pathogen testing method they choose is the one that can provide the fastest result. Depending on government regulations and the type of food produced, companies may hold product until they receive a test result indicating that the food is safe to release. In this case, a company should evaluate how much time it takes to complete the test, including any confirmatory testing if applicable. A faster test result reported by the lab may lead to operational cost savings if the product can be released from storage more quickly.

Other factors that may impact turnaround time include how results will be reported (for example, phone call, e-mail, access through a central server) as well as proximity of the testing lab to the plant. The volume of customers the lab services may also affect the time to result.

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