The Creative Spark of Food Safety

Posted by Ted Andrew, Senior Director, Product Marketing on Jul 28, 2016 9:00:00 AM

bacteria_contaminated_food_skypixel.jpgAs we go out into the food industry, one significant trait that continues to shine through is the passion we all have for our industry and in food safety. With this much enthusiasm, it is particularly challenging not to bring work home with you at the end of the day. However, when we do, it starts rubbing off on our family, inspiring even the youngest members to be just as excited about food safety as we are.

A perfect example of this comes from one of our very own. Anantharama Rishi, or known simply as “Rishi” to his friends, is a Senior Field Applications Specialist with Roka Bioscience and has been providing our customers with outstanding applications and workflow support for the past 4 years. Recently, his daughter, Saivarshini, an 8th grader, was inspired so much by her dad that she actually wrote this limerick about the Atlas System:


Pathogens We Prevent with the Atlas
By Saivarshini Rishi
Roka works with Listeria
And this is a type of bacteria
Everyone is shrewd
To find the safety of food
And this is our main criteria
We work and study with STEC 
Which can give the food a wreck
We provide full automation
This will protect our nation
And the study can be pretty high tech
In many foods Salmonella is detected
Millions of people are badly affected
These effects are frightening
Just as much as lightning
So Roka won't let this situation be neglected
Food is the most important thing of all
But it's harmed by things very small 
That's why Roka is there 
To solve this problem with care
And then there would never be a recall

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