Roka's Chief Commercial Officer discusses Pathogen Detection and More

Posted by Mary Duseau on May 19, 2015 3:24:00 PM

Mary Duseau started at Roka in February as Chief Commercial Officer. Here’s Mary's thoughts on her first three months at Roka. 

My first three months at Roka as the new Chief Commercial Officer have been, in short, fantastic! I’ve had a chance to meet most of the Roka team and traveled several weeks from the farms and fields in Southern California full of beautiful produce to a colder, but equally beautiful, Midwest to see the poultry, dairy, and beef industries. 

I was able to meet with retail decision makers who are actively involved in their supplier testing protocols, Commercial Testing Labs and had tours of both sausage and cheese food processors. In addition, I attended the Food Safety summit where I kicked off the conference with a short introduction speech. Thank you to everyone who made my first few months so valuable.

I am new to the food industry and it has been eye opening as to how food moves from “Farm to Fork” and what steps are taken to ensure a safe food supply. I am delighted to be in this relevant market and to represent a company that enables safer food on our plates. Roka offers a transformative pathogen detection technology. What does transformative mean? The combination of our automated workflow and the accuracy of our molecular assay means that the Roka Atlas system has unrivaled sensitivity that gives a faster time to result. This in turn allows customers to make faster decisions and identify pathogens that may escape unnoticed with other technologies.  It was fascinating to see a testing lab that uses the Atlas in action. This lab was using the ‘extra’ resources to add a third shift where they can process even more samples and grow their business even more. No wonder the Atlas is driving positive change in this market.

It was wonderful to get out and see happy customers and a quote from one was very powerful, “Your Atlas platform works flawlessly for our Salmonella screening.” Certainly nice to hear! More than once on this trip Roka customers showed appreciation for our support and expressed confidence in Roka as they move forward. The good news for me was it wasn’t one single person at Roka but the collective team effort. 

That brings me to another learning experience for me in the first three months. The Roka people. I will sum it up in one word – fabulous! The commitment and passion within the team was easy for me to spot and this has been recognized by our customer base. Roka has developed a strong position in the market with our people and our platform. This, along with the company commitment, is why I joined the company.

Thank you Roka and Roka customers for your generous welcome. I am looking forward to our future together.


Here's Mary's opening keynote from Food Safety Summit.


Here's an additional talk that was presented at Food Safety Summit 2015. 

In this presentation, Maureen Harte, President and CEO at HartePro Consulting, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt discusses how using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) can help a company identify, quantify and assess risks associated with pathogen detection methods, and should be integrated into a HACCP strategy. It is important to know how the results on a Certificate of Analysis are obtained. All pathogen methods are not the same and therefore the quality of the result can vary. 


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