Pack Expo: Innovation, Automation and Food Safety

Posted by Ted Andrew, Senior Director, Product Marketing on Nov 6, 2014 11:43:00 AM

pack_expoThe Pack Expo meeting this year in Chicago was one of the most impressive trade shows I have ever been to. Knowing firsthand the effort associated with setting up a booth that includes automated equipment, the exhibitors put on impressive displays of the most innovative and sophisticated automated technology available for the food manufacturing and packaging industry.

One of the key features evident was the commitment to the thoughtful design and development of the automation with an emphasis on Food Safety and industrial design that follows a more sanitary, easier to clean, construction. Other features included various innovations that enabled an improved traceability of ingredients and product as well as a clear focus on what automation can do for overall improved quality & consistency of products.

These messages resonated in the food pathogen detection segment as well. It was clear that Innovation, in both automation and molecular technology, is beginning to transform pathogen testing into an integral business solution for the food manufacturing industry.

The Food Safety Summit pavilion sponsored a series of informative presentations that spanned everything from the increasing use of mapping software, to GFSI Standards and HAACP Plans, to the impact employee observations have on building a food safety culture.

I had to the pleasure to represent Roka Bioscience and gave a presentation on the impact of aligning the choice in pathogen detection platforms with the level of commitment of automation and safety in the manufacturing facility itself. If you like, you can download the presentation here.  Looking forward to next years’ Pack Expo to see what kind of new innovations and new technology are announced.

Ted Andrew
Director, Product Marketing
Roka Bioscience, Inc.

Download  the presentation


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