Food Safety Summit Perspective

Posted by Kevin Perkins on May 12, 2015 12:45:10 PM

I had a chance to attend my first Food Safety Summit a few weeks ago. If you don’t know, this conference brings together suppliers, processors, and various vendors  from across this world to get together for a few days to learn, harmonize and hopefully share their challenges, successes and share new ideas to keep our food safe.  

This was my first time attending and I was quite impressed with the scope and technical presentations that were presented for the food safety industry. As I had an opportunity to talk to different players within food industry from the US and aboard, I noticed that each segment related to food safety has an important role in keeping our food safe for consumption by humans as well as animals. I was also impressed with how “global” our food supply chain has become. 

The theme of the meeting, from the Keynote presentations to the breakout technical seminars was the importance of partnership and innovation. I saw how new technology is being used at all levels of the food industry for one global agreed to purpose: a safer global food supply. From new advances in cleaning chemicals and equipment, automated food production lines, new techniques in food packaging, to advanced computer software systems for data management and new advances in food testing platforms, this industry is constantly evolving. It has learned from past mistakes, promoted and shared the corrective actions that have worked– again all used for one global goal, a safer global food supply.

So whether you are a raw ingredient supplier, an equipment testing company, a chemical supplier, or a commercial laboratory -- we are all in this together. We learn, experiment, and get different opinions and ideas from each other in order to make those hard decisions related to food safety. That’s how we will move forward to improve the quality of our food supply.

Challenges await us in the food safety industry for sure. Whether its fully understanding or implementing the  new FSMA/global regulations or evaluating new a new food testing technology- let’s work together to improve the safety of our food.  

Here's a short video highlighting the meeting:


It is important to know how the results on a Certificate of Analysis are obtained. All pathogen methods are not the same and therefore the quality of the result can vary. This presentation provides a risk assessment of different pathogen detection methods using a Failure Modes and Effect Analysis and will discuss how method risk impacts confidence in a COA. Maureen Harte presented this topic. You can request a copy of it here.

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